Saab 9000 Service Manuals

I've been collecting paper copies of the 9000 service manuals, and scanning them in.

You can see the index of my collection so far, and refer to the PDFs.

If you have a paper 9000 manual that I list in the index as "want", or know of one that is not in my list at all, please contact me. I at least want to build a comprehensive list of publication numbers and titles, and if you're willing to donate the paper copies to me I will scan them in and make them available to the Saab community.


Please consider donating if these are of value to you. I had to buy these manuals, more or less consume them (I cut off the bindings), buy an expensive scanner, and spend a lot of my spare time running it. Thank you!


Please refer to this collection using only

It is also linked from


There should be no need to make another copy of all this, though I do pay Google for storage.

Technical details

I use a Panasonic KV-S1057C scanner with automatic document feed, chosen mostly for its black-background feature, which eliminates image bleed-through. It's also really fast, at USB-2. Then I use Adobe Acrobat to add an invisible searchable-text layer with OCR, and to downsample the images so the result is under 100MB. That way Google Drive can "preview" the file without making you download the whole thing. I also keep raw scans at 300 or 400 dpi, in case there is a need to re-do something; these are not open to the public.

There are bound to be errors in the OCR text but I couldn't find a good way to view and edit that. If Acrobat once made the layer visible, Preview (native on a Mac) would forever show it, even after Acrobat marked it as invisible once again. It's also a tremendous effort to proofread them all. If you have a way to do that easily and want to send me updated PDFs with corrections in the text layer, I am more than happy to add them.

Wed Sep 8 10:46:34 CDT 2021