Saab Disorder Spectrum -- Are you serious?

"What kind of car do I drive? A white one."
"What's the point?"
"But why Saab?"

Drove a Saab, didn't buy it
Drove a Saab, bought it
Owns multiple Saabs
Owns more Saabs than parking spaces
Only owns Saabs
Only ever owned Saabs
"GM killed Saab / kept Saab alive"
"That's not a real Saab"
"There's no such thing as a 'real Saab'"
"They stole that from Saab!"
Owned a Saab 3.0 V6
Owned a Saab 900 (1978-1993,94CV) / ever, or at present
Owned a flat-nose C900 /
Owned a Saab 99 or older /
Owned a V4 /
Owned a two-stroke Saab /
Owned an SF-340 or any Saab aircraft or part of one /
Does basic maintenance on own Saab(s)
Does XWD maintenance on own Saab(s)
Replaced a Saab clutch
Replaced a Saab engine
Built a Saab engine with bare hands
Replaced a Saab brake booster or A/C evaporator
Replaced own spark plugs on a B284/A28NER

Need Saab parts?

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